Schools in rural areas urged to participate in science fair

//Kharas Regional Director of Education, Arts and Culture |Awebahe ||Hoeseb has urged more school from the rural areas to participate in the annual //Kharas Regional Science Fair.

||Hoeseb made the call at the award handing over ceremony of the 2019 science fair here on Thursday.

The science fair is annual event organised by //Kharas educational directorate and is fully sponsored by Skorpion Zinc Mine.

The director said the total number of rural schools that participated in this year science fair are only five a figure that is disappointingly low since there are more than 20 rural schools within the region.

Hence there is a need for more Principals, Heads of Department of rural schools, and even some urban schools, to encourage their learners towards entering projects for the science fair, he said.

He emphasized that there are also schools that previously partook in the regional science fairs last year but which failed to submit an entry for this year's event adding that this regrettably deprives learners from an opportunity to apply higher order thinking skills in the quest for gaining more knowledge and understanding about the ways nature and humans act.

||Hoeseb went on to say that the total number of projects entered for the 2019 science fair stood at 140, which comprises of 131 projects of learners from the ||Kharas Region and 9 projects from the learners of the Northern Cape Province in the Republic of South Africa.

The total number of projects that were entered by the learners from tour region for the 2018 were 115, which implies that 16 more projects were entered for the which brings the number to 131 projects, he added.

He said there is indeed a big concern as there a lack of proper mentorship and guidance given to the learners when formulating hypotheses and conducting research on their assumptions, executing experiments and documenting the findings stemming from the studies.

The director added that even though the quality of the projects as improved compared to the previous years there is still room for improvement.

CharleniqueJantjies from Schemelenville Combine School topped the junior primary projects, while LikiusNgesheeya from Minna Sachs primary School topped the Senior primary projects, Deja Coetzee from Oranjemund Private School topped the junior secondary projects and VitalisHaupindi from Suiderlig Secondary School was the overall winner for the Senior secondary projects.

Source: Namibia Press Agency