Second edition of Environmental Law and Policy in Namibia launched

Present at the launch of  to the second edition of “Environmental Law and Policy in Namibia” are, standing: Absalom Shigwedha, Meyer van den Berg and Prof. Oliver Ruppel. Seated: Natalie Renkhoff and Peter Koep. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange).The second edition of Environmental Law and Policy in Namibia with the subtitle Towards Making Africa the Tree of Life, was launched in Windhoek on this Wednesday.
The journal is edited by Prof. Oliver Ruppel and Katharina Ruppel-Schlichting with various authors contributing to the edition. The second edition deals with matters relating to environmental law within the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC), as well as environmental management, conservation of biodiversity, renewable energy law, sustainable development and environmental journalism amongst other topics. According to Prof. Ruppel, Namibia has since Independence made progress on implementing environmental laws but is yet to implement an updated codex. “Over the past years, new legislation has been passed and environmental law and policy has gained momentum practically and academically, however, much has yet to be done as some laws are still on paper,” Prof. Ruppel said.
Speaking at the launch of the journal, Prof. Ruppel emphasised that although sectors such as mining contribute to the economic growth of the country, standards must be monitored with regard to the environment. “Yes we know mining creates jobs but investors should not be protected at the expense of the environment,” he pointed out.