Security guard shoots himself

Swakopmund-A 23-year-old security guard at Swakopmund committed suicide yesterday morning, shortly after sending a chilling message of his funeral to his supervisor.

The police in Erongo has identified the man as Tjiteja Hiiho, who shot himself in the head with a 9 millimetre pistol. His relatives also reported that he had been speaking about taking his own life.

According to Detective Daniel Gurirab, Hiiho reported for duty as required on Monday morning at Rubicon Security company in Swakopmund.

He allegedly booked out a 9 millimetre service pistol with 5 rounds, as required by his job, and requested his immediate supervisor to drop him off at Woerman Brock in Mondesa to pick up his cellular phone from a friend.

After he was dropped off by his supervisor, Hiiho sent a text message to his supervisor in Otjiherero, that raised suspicion, said Gurirab. The message read: I know we have been together, but don't worry too much just go and bury me.

Gurirab explained that the supervisor got worried and drove back immediately to where he had dropped Hiiho, but could not locate him.

He then immediately went to their family residence, where he was informed by distraught family members that the deceased had shot himself a while ago, Gurirab said.

He said Hiiho did not leave any suicide note, apart from the cryptic message sent to his supervisor. It appears he had been suicidal for some time, as relatives claimed that he had been hinting about not wanting to live anymore the previous week.

We did not take him seriously and thought he was joking, only to realise that he was actually looking for help, the bereaved relative said yesterday.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia