Seibeb back in the frame… NCF flies off at a tangent

Windhoek: As widely speculated, justice finally prevailed when the red-faced Namibian Cycling Federation (NCF) resolved to lift the lid on the boiling pot containing skeletons of Costa Seibeb’s shoddy suspension.

The Namibian cycling sensation was unfairly suspended by the trigger-happy NCF without a fair trial, coupled with an assortment of unfolding irregularities during the disciplinary process.

Seibeb was grounded from all international participation, but was strangely allowed to compete locally. That decision looks to have come back to haunt cycling officials as he took out his frustrations on his poor competitors by winning races like claiming first place on the podium was going out of fashion.

His exploits left cycling officials with egg on the face, obliging them to swallow their pride and acknowledge their error of judgement by lifting the ban, understandably with a grain of salt as this was not announced publicly, notwithstanding the fact that initially his sanction was widely publicized.

The in-form Seibeb has been included in the six-member Namibian cycling entourage consisting of six male and four female cyclists to the All Africa Games, slated for Brazzaville, Congo, next month. The rest of the team members will be announced later today.

Apart from cycling, Namibia will be represented in 21 other different sporting disciplines at the continental showpiece. The Namibian ladies cycling team will likely gauge their current standing, while it could also determine whether they are on track for their envisaged entry for the African Continental Road Cycling Championships, in Morocco, next year.

The continental championships will present an ideal platform for the Namibian ladies cycling team to earn qualification for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, in a somewhat low-key announcement, NCF informed the media that it had resolved to lift the suspension of both Seibeb and Till Drobisch. The latter’s suspension was never made known to this newspaper before.

The decision to prematurely abbreviate was apparently motivated by the cyclists’ commitment and dedication demonstrated during the time of their grounding.

Though he has been passed eligible for national selection, Drobisch will not be available as a result of team commitments, but the inclusion of Namibia’s internationally acclaimed veteran cyclist, Dan Craven, will doubtlessly add weight to Namibia’s medal hopes.

The pair of Heletje van Staden and Marie-Jeanne Ndimbira will accompany the team in the capacity of team managers, with Heine Kohne as mechanic.

The Namibian cycling entourage will depart for Brazzaville on September 5 – five days before they start their first assignment that includes the individual and team trials, as well as the gruelling road race.