A senior councillor of Batswana Ba Namibia Traditional Authority arrested for assaulting a woman at a sheben

GOBABIS: Police in the Omaheke Region are investigating a case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after a senior traditional councillor allegedly severely assaulted a female community member last Tuesday.

Damian Lebereki, a senior councillor of the Batswana Ba Namibia Traditional Authority, has since been arrested and charged with the crime of assault after he allegedly attacked Mercia Olibile with a knobkierie during an argument at a shebeen.

Lebereki appeared in the Gobabis Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, and was granted bail of N.dollars 1 000 and his case was remanded to 20 October 2014 to allow for further police investigations.

According to the charge sheet, Lebereki approached Olibile at a shebeen in the Aminuis settlement where the two had been separately hanging out.

Details on the incident remain vague, although it is alleged that Lebereki approached the woman and started poking her with the knobkierie in her ribs, before he allegedly went on to assault her physically.

The attack apparently left Olibile with a deep cut wound on her forehead, a swollen face and painful ribs.

WINDHOEK; The Police at the northern border town of Oshikango reported that a pensioner and resident of Omundaungilo village died on Wednesday last week, shortly after she consulted a traditional healer in the area.

Spokesperson of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Sergeant Slogan Matheus told a media briefing here today that the victim – Hendrina Martin – allegedly approached a traditional healer at her village earlier that day (Wednesday) for assistance to cure her ‘heavy drinking habits’.

After the consultation between the two women (Martin and the traditional healer), the traditional healer allegedly ordered her client (Martin) to go and buy a bottle of Tassenberg red wine and another bottle of Castelo gingerfizz wine.

The 72-year-old Martin apparently bought the two bottles as per the instruction of her traditional healer and handed the two bottles over to the medicine woman.

It is alleged that the traditional healer then mixed the wine from the two bottles with some herbs and gave the mixture to her client (Martin) to drink as a remedy or cure to her ‘heavy drinking habits’.

Police said that shortly after Martin had finished drinking the mixture of the herbs and wines, she started vomiting and bleeding, and in the end – she collapsed and died.