Sepo Haihambo leads RMB Coverage

Windhoek: During women’s month of August FNB Namibia applauded its women in leadership roles through the celebration of women in leadership roles at the bank and its subsidiaries. One such remarkable woman is Sepo Lamaswala Haihambo, Head of Coverage at RMB Namibia.

Sepo joined RMB Namibia in January and has since made great strides in her division, which handles relationship management and sales for RMB Namibia, the corporate and investment banking division of FNB Namibia.

“My team consists of nine people and we are responsible for working with clients day-to-day to understand their overall banking needs. We propose, implement and maintain banking solutions for large local corporates, multi-nationals and public sector enterprises linked to national development initiatives.”

She goes on to say that these banking solutions range from global market instruments, corporate banking solutions that span across transactional banking, trade finance, working capital, digital banking platforms, and investment banking services to name but a few.

“The coverage division serves a similar purpose as a general practitioner in that it identifies the needs of clients and works with specialists to provide the tailored, innovative solutions required,” she explains. She adds that RMB Namibia works to ensure that the client experience is superior and thrives on client insight to deliver this experience.

Sepo holds a Bachelor of Economics degree, a Masters of Science in Financial Management and is also a JSE equity trader and settlement officer. She believes that women can and do work well in investment banking and leave a lasting impact.

“In order to get everything done you need to plan well and have a support-system in place. I’m extremely happy at RMB, as they not only challenge me intellectually, but our company also has an incredible culture that recognises that employees are human beings and actively seeks to liberate people to achieve their potential. I like that aspect of the FirstRand culture.”