Sesfontien gives goats to struggling farmers

Khorixas-Sesfontien Constituency Office gave 25 goats to struggling farmers on Tuesday at an event attended by more than 50 people.

According to Constituency Councillor Julius Kaujova, five struggling farmers were given five goats each under a programme funded through the Kunene Regional Council. Twenty-three of the goats were bought with funding from the regional council and Kaujova himself provided two goats from his kraal, worth N$1,200, for distribution to those in need.

The programme benefits poor farmers and this time the farmers who received the goats had applied to the constituency office and were chosen to benefit from the programme funded by the Kunene Regional Council, Kaujova told New Era during a telephonic interview this week.

For a farmer to benefit from the programme under the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, one must have less than five goats, less than three cattle or ten chickens to be considered poor. A motivational letter must also be written by the relevant traditional authority. The constituency development committee then screens all applicants.

Kaujova says so far 100 farmers have benefitted from the goat programme and more will receive goats once the programme resumes later this year or early next year. He said the goats were bought from local farmers, as buying them at auctions would be more expensive and the goats might find it difficult to adapt to the Sesfontien environment.

We source the goats locally to support local farmers and we also look at adaptability as well, Kaujova said.

John Kasupi from the Zeraeua Traditional Authority, Chief Tobias Kaisuma from the Ovaherero Traditional Authority, as well as leaders of the Namidama community Peter Ganuseb and Jeremiah Goabaeb attended the handover event of the goats.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia