Shack Dwellers and NHAG to construct 32 houses at Rupara

The Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia and the Namibia Housing Action Group (NHAG) are going to construct 32 houses at Rupara settlement in the Kavango West Region.

Co-director of NHAG Heinrich Amushila told NAMPA in a telephonic interview on Monday the brick making event for the houses will be held on Wednesday.

'32 low cost housing units will be constructed by the federation through 'Buy a Brick' of Standard Bank Namibia,' he explained.

Amushila said land was already allocated by the village headman for this purpose and also that they got the blessings of the land board for the 100 members of the federation at the settlement.

Rupara Amushila noted is growing and has the following amenities, a health center, satellite police station, MTC network tower, two churches, constituency office, youth center as well as the Rupara combined school with hostel.

The co-director pointed out that the federation s members at the settlement saved over N.dollars 80 000 which will be used towards the first phase of the construction of the 32 houses.

The minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga is expected to officially launch the brick making event on Wednesday.

So far the federation has constructed 160 houses in the Kavango West Region with 30 houses at Mpungu and 130 at Nkurenkuru.

In the Kavango East Region 41 houses have been constructed with 11 at Rundu and 30 at Divundu.

Source: Namibia Press Agency