Sheya and Ipinge Kunene’s candidates for Electoral College

OPUW0: The Swapo-Party in the Kunene Region has elected former Outjo Constituency Councillor Adam Sheya and Opuwo deputy mayor Rebeka Ipinge as their candidates for the party’s Electoral College.

They were elected during a meeting held at Kamanjab on Friday.

The elected members from Kunene are expected to compete with Swapo-Party members from other regions to make it onto the party’s list of parliamentary candidates at the Electoral College, scheduled for the end of this month.

Sheya and Ipinge battled it out with Swapo’s former regional coordinator for Kunene, Samtaka Katjizemo; current Kunene regional Swapo-Party treasurer Kauna Landinus; the Swapo mobiliser for the Opuwo Rural District, Kahimbona Musaso; and Witbooi branch coordinator, Erastus Luiperdt.

They, however, did not garner enough votes to make it to the Electoral College.

The four delegates are Julius Kaujova, Ronny Mutrifa, Kahimbona Musaso and Stella Ganes.