Shonena not threatened by Dong

Namibia's World Boxing Organisation Africa Welterweight (WBO) champion Mika Shonena said, he watched and analysed his opponent Youli Dong's videos with his team and realised that Dong is a good boxer but not a threat.

Shonena was speaking during a media conference at the Mobile Telecommunication (MTC) headquarters in the capital where the two boxers faced off.

Shonena said, when he watched Dong's videos and noticed that he is a good fighter, quick and very skillful but he is not deterred and come match day, he will not let the country down and let Namibia loose to China as the fight is about the two countries and not really about the two fighters.

I saw his videos, but when I analysed them with my team, I noticed that he is not a threat. I know he is a good boxer, quick and very skillful but I know I can handle him,

He added that he is fit, motivated and his moral is even high that his opponent have arrived well, because when he look at the fight, he does not see it as a Mika Shonena verses Youli Dong fight but rather a Namibia verses China and he will not let Namibia loose to China.

Dong who was speaking through an interpreter said, he might look young but his dream is to be a world champion and he is here to fight, adding that he also watched a two minutes clip of Shonena's fight and he thinks he thinks he can handle the fight on his first trip to Africa.

Shonena is due to fight Youli Dong in a WBO Africa, WBO Asia pacific welterweight 12 rounds fight on Saturday at Ongwediva Trade Fair, where nine undercard fights are also lined up including Harry Simon Junior who is due to fight Phillip Musariri from Zimbabwe and Paulinus Paulus verses Simon Tchetha of Malawi.

Source: Namibia Press Agency