Shuumbwa Kauluma new leader of Ongulayanetange

The leader (Omukwaniilwa) of Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA) Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo on Saturday installed his namesake, Fillemon Shuumbwa Kauluma, as the new senior traditional councillor responsible for the Ongulayanetanga District.

Kauluma, 48, is succeeding his late father and former chairperson of the OTA Council, Peter Shimweefeleni Kauluma, who died some eight months ago.

He is a teacher at the Mandume Primary School (PS) of Katutura in the Khomas Region. Kauluma's installation followed a failed attempt by Founding President Sam Nujoma's prominent bodyguard, Nepando Hamupanda, to take over the leadership of the district shortly before the death of the late Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas of Ondonga.

Elifas is Nangolo's uncle. Speaking at the installation ceremony here, Nangolo told the audience that Kauluma's appointment is a fulfilment of the responsibility given to him to perform by the two fallen Ondonga leaders (Elifas and Kauluma Sr) in 2010.

The late Shimweefeleni shaKauluma has decided before his death to be succeeded by his elder son and my namesake, Fillemon Shuumbwa shaKauluma, and informed my uncle, Immanuel Kauluma kaElifas, about his decision in my presence at Onamungundo Royal House in 2010, Nangolo narrated.

He pointed out that the late Kauluma took the decision after realising that his power to be in charge of the administration of the district was fading.

Nangolo advised Kauluma (Jr) to trust his new responsibility in the hands of God if he wants to be a successful leader, while on the other hand urged the community of Ongulayanetanga to offer their new leader a necessary support.

Several speakers, including Minister of Urban and Rural Development Peya Mushelenga, have also encouraged Kauluma to treat his subjects without discrimination, to be on the forefront of community development and to exercise fair leadership.

I would like to thank God, the ancestors and the community of Ondonga for trusting me to be the leader of Ongulayanetanga District, said Kauluma in his acceptance speech.

The leader (Ohamba) of Oukwanyama Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu, former First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba and retired Bishop Shihala Hamupembe of the Anglican Diocese of Namibia also attended the installation event.

Source: Namibia Press Agency