Sino-Namibia business relations should be reciprocal: Tweya

Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development TjekeroTweya said, Namibian business people never wanted to have local products in their businesses especially beef, and regarded it as unfit for consumption and not profitable.

Tweya made these remarks on Friday, when he addressed a group business people from Namibia and China during the Namibia-China Business Forum which took place in Windhoek at a local hotel.

He said, now that the Namibian government is exporting beef to China, local business people are telling others and the government to be careful of China, saying that China is dangerous because they don't make good business partners, while they were offered the opportunity first and rejected it, saying that local beef is not good enough and it won't make them profit.

Now that China have opened the door for our products, Namibian business people are warning you to be careful of China, they say China is dangerous because they feel threatened, but they never wanted Namibian products in their yards, they said it is not good enough. But the Chinese ate it and said it is good and they are health, they are not complaining, said Tweya.

He added that, Namibians who are willing to trade with their Chinese counterparts should do so because it will allow China to accommodate Namibian products in their backyards and take it to the global market and the government will fully support them.

In our quest to lure foreign direct investments to Namibia, we are increasingly and aggressively looking for prosperous export markets for Namibian products and services. By the same token, the trade relations between Namibia and China must be a reciprocal approach whereas Namibia buy from China and Namibia must also sell to China, noted Tweya.

He further added that the business seminar should set up Namibian business for success and instill local investors confidence to quickly be able to identify opportunities and make the necessary investment decisions in various sectors of Namibia economy.

Source: Namibia Press Agency