Sioka says gender equality yet to be achieved

Many African nations made progress on women emancipation, empowerment and general support aimed at promoting gender equality but, women still face challenges that hamper access to universal human rights despite several instruments that have been ratified and acts enacted.

This was said here on Monday by Minister of Gender equality and child welfare, Doreen Sioka at the opening of Pan African Women's Oganisations Southern Africa Regional Office (PAWO-SARO) secretariat meeting, in a speech read on her behalf.

The two day meeting will the see PAWO-SARO secretariat asses the implementation of their programmes.

I regard this meeting very critical, as it grants women leaders across the regions to listen to their countries various reports and assess progress made in the programmes carefully selected to advance women, youth and children welfare and empowerment efforts, she said.

She added this meeting will help women to collectively design plans of action to address the identified stumbling blocks, depending on individual country's specific needs.

She said Namibia's commitment to gender equality is unquestionable as the national constitution has outlawed the gender discrimination policies since 1992, two years after independence.

It is common knowledge that countries are good at ratifying legal instrument and enhancing acts but the implementation process is at times not that easy, she said

She said this is not the case with Namibia, adding Namibia's national leadership continues to reinforce gender responsiveness actions, as part of critical strategy towards gender mainstreaming in the country.

She said Namibia continues to strive to achieve the UN's resolution on 2030 specially paragraph 20 which states that 'women and girls must enjoy equal access to quality education, economic resources and political participation as well as equal opportunities with men and boys for employment, leadership and decision making at all levels'.

She said discrimination and violence against women and girls will be eliminated, including through engagement of men and boys.

We are looking forward to hear great strides made in the region through various countries' reports with the aim to further improve the gender equality record and create conducive environment for our youth and girls to further enjoy equal opportunities, she said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency