Sixteen Swapo members resign from their jobs to retain positions on party’s list

A total of 16 Swapo members on the party's 96 list as elected at the electoral college held in September to the National Assembly (NA) resigned from their jobs in order to retain their positions.

This was announced by Swapo Secretary General Sophia Shaningwa here on Thursday, while handing over the party's list of 96 candidates.

Her announcement follows the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) announcement on Wednesday that it will strictly apply Article 47,section 1(f), which states that no person may become a member of the NA if they are members of the National Council, regional councils or local authorities, an announcement that was not well received by political parties.

Shaningwa indicated that the article affected 17 members who are the party list, however only one member, the Windhoek City Councillor Francina Kahungu, who is 94th on the party list.

When ECN informed us about this article two days ago, we worked around the clock to convince our cadres either to withdraw from the list of Swapo party or to keep their jobs, she noted.

She further indicated that Swapo party has followed all the requirements as per party's knowledge and ability and as required by ECN.

Swapo party members who resigned from the party are:

Hilma Nicanor

Margareth Mensah-Williams

Kletus Karondo

Bertha Dinyando-Nyambe

Verna Sinombo

Hafeni Ndemula

Veno Kauaria

Nono Katjingisiua

Mandela Kapere

Maria Elago

Modestus Amuste

Jennely Matundu

Phillipus Katamelo

Helalia Mukapuli

Katrina Shimbulu

Werner Iita

Source: Namibia Press Agency