Slow pace for livestock marketing incentive

The Director of Disaster and Risk Management from the Office of the Prime Minister JaphetIitenge said the process of livestock marketing is slow despite the government intervention to subside the farmers and motivate them to sell.

Speaking here on Thursday at media briefing on the cabinet resolution, Iitenge said the government so far have received little number of claims from the farmers who sold their animals.

The process is slow in a sense that few animals have been sold or few claims have been received so far, he said.

Iitenge said currently the government received 368 individual claims that amounted to N.dollars 2.9 million from all 14 regions.

He said claims are grouped in bunches and the received claims are just the first bunch of claims adding that farmers who made these claims were paid last week.

Iitenge however said the claims are probably delayed due to the bureaucracy in the claiming process.

A farmer who sold his animals has to submit documents to his regional office station, and then sent to Ministry of Agriculture, before it comes from there for final processing, he said.

He also said there was some incorrect information from some media that the government will only help those having 26 large stocks or 130 small stocks and above, excluding those having less number of animals.

He clarified that the government intend to help each farmer to maintain up to 26 large stocks or 130 small stocks including those who have less than that.

He added that farmers who are unable to take care of many animals should sell them in order to ease pressure on themselves and also on the land, adding that it is easy to take care of small number of animals.

Source: Namibia Press Agency