Slow writers can request extra time in exams – minister

Windhoek: “I’ve covered everything already, I’m just busy with revision and all is going well,” says Esther Shitaleni, a Grade 12 learner from the Rocky Crest High School, adding that she is well prepared for her final examination.

Shitaleni was one of hundreds of learners who attended the launch of the ‘Are You Ready?’ campaign on Friday by Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa, which aims to prepare learners for their year-end examinations.

“I did a lot of revision on what we covered throughout the year and I believe I’m ready for the examination,” said Patrick Domingo, a Grade 10 learner from Jan Mohr Project School. He advised other learners to study according to their timetable and not to panic but remain calm.

The programme was launched to prepare learners for the year-end examination, as the 2015 academic year draws to an end and learners are about to start examinations. Minister Hanse-Himarwa urged – especially Grade 10 and 12 learners – to take control of their final results, as their future largely depends on the outcome of the exams. She says learners must aim to pass and to obtain the best results: “Do not panic. Do it once, do it right and get it over with. Most importantly, seek teachers’ support for clarification and assistance.”

She encouraged them to concentrate, remain calm and not to fear, but to believe in themselves. “The recipe for success includes diligence, persistence, taking initiative, learning from failure, facing challenges and living a fruitful life,” says Hanse-Himarwa. She further advised learners, who write slowly, to inform their subject teachers well in advance to request extra writing-time for them from the examination department. “There is a provision of 15-30 minutes for such cases,” she notes.

She said although the campaign was launched near the start of exams, preparations for the external national exams for Grade 10 and 12 have been ongoing the entire year. Teachers and learners have undertaken exchange programmes to share best practices on how to improve academic performance, while holiday and spring classes arranged by the ministry through the directorate of education, arts and culture, and revision at schools have been ongoing.