Small Scale Poultry Producers Share Ideas

Small scale poultry producers from about 180 communities attended Saturday’s Farmers’ Day organised by the Namibian Small Scale Poultry Producers Association (NSSPPA) in Oshali.

This was to share information about poultry farming with local communities. Tauno Shikomba, Director of Operations and Special Projects of the Konga Trading Enterprises, explains the purpose of the day, which he said was to bring together poultry farmers from the northern regions of Ohangwena, Oshikoto, Omusati and Oshana to share their experiences and encourage local communities to better their living standards through poultry farming. Different experts were called to present various topics related to poultry farming. Salom Petrus gave a presentation on how hatch poultry using modern hatchery. She highlighted how eggs should be collected and prepared before they are placed in the hatchery.

Frans Shoopala, an upcoming poultry farmer looked at the challenges and benefits of poultry farming, citing plots site farming projects, money to acquire equipment and stock and water and electricity the foremost most challenges facing upcoming poultry farmers. The benefit of poultry farming is the profit that a farmer reaps after selling his or her products in the form of meat, eggs or live chickens. He indicated that there are no by products for poultry. Poultry meat, eggs and even feathers are all consumable.

Michael Mulunga spoke about rearing chickens in a modern set up. Alfeus Ndume from Oshakti Pharmacy led the discussions on sickness symptoms and poultry vaccines. He indicated how different sickness in poultry should be treated and with what medicines. He stressed the importance of vaccination as a prevention measure because many poultry diseases are not curable.

The keynote speaker on the day, Deputy Director, Rural Development in the Ohangwena Regional Council, Naapopye Ndaitwa, expressed her gratitude to NSSPPAfor organising the event and specifically to Shikomba who hosted other farmers and the community. She said she was honoured to be part of the event the first of its kind in the Ohangwena region.

She encouraged local communities to appreciate NSSPPA and take up the initiative to become poultry farmers. She urged them to tap on the knowledge given because it could have been expensive if they were to be given that knowledge through training or workshop.

The event ended with the auction of poultries such as chicken and guinea fowls (omakonghola). It was sponsored by Kamahundju Farming, Grootfontein ??????, Shikunino Trading Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, Konga Trading Enterprises (Pty) Ltd and Coca Cola Company Oshakati.

Source : New Era