Solving human wildlife conflict

eterinarian Dr. Ortwin Aschenborn, Director for Parks and Wildlife Management in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism,Colgar Sikopo and Bollen Zindolo, Head Ranger in Bwabwata East. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)To reduce incidents of human wildlife conflict in Namibia’s national parks, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism through its Namibian Parks (NamParks) programme is implementing various park management activities such as the Human Wildlife Conflict Self-Reliance Scheme in areas most affected by the phenomenon.
The increasing wildlife number in both the Zambezi and Kunene Regions have dramatically increased over the past 20 years and despite the associated benefits, living alongside wildlife is proving to be costly for communities living inside national parks and conservancies.
Human Wildlife Conflict incidents have continued to rise and a total of 7738 cases of livestock losses, crop damage and attacks on humans where reported in 2010 alone.