South Africa: What Action Did President Jacob Zuma Actually Take to Mediate At SARS?

President Jacob Zuma claimed nearly a year ago to have acted and put measures in place to deal with what he called the "difficulty in the relationship" between the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, and SARS Commissioner, Tom Moyane, and flatly denied there was a war at SARS.

However, today's extraordinary fight-back press conference by Tom Moyane attacking the minister for "shouting and screaming", treating him as a "non-entity" and demanding he be treated with "collegiality and respect", is clear evidence that the president's efforts to mediate either never got off the ground, or have failed dismally, and that the "dirty war" of leaks and counter-leaks has now gone nuclear at SARS.

The fact is that President Jacob Zuma has to act to restore the integrity of SARS. We cannot sit back and allow a vital financial institution like SARS to be destroyed in South Africa. And that is why we will submit a parliamentary question probing what action was taken, and what action will be taken, to restore the integrity of SARS.

Source: Democratic Alliance