South West Africa identity documents still valid

The ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration spokesperson Sakeus Kadhikwa said that, the South West Africa identity documents (SWA IDs) are still valid because their invalidity is still not yet gazetted.

Kadhikwa said this in a media statement issued on Wednesday, which was necessitated by the fact that some institutions are no longer accepting the South West Africa documents, and this may be due to previous reports in the media that SWA IDs were going to be de-gazetted.

The public is hereby informed that the SWA IDs remain valid identity documents until they are de-gazetted by the minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, this is in accordance with section 19 of the Identification act 21 of 1996, said Kadhikwa.

The South West Africa identity documents were used to Namibians before independence and the government is currently in the process of getting rid of them.

Source: Namibia Press Agency