SPEC Erongo regional secretary disturbed by political fights

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The Swapo Party Elders’ Council Erongo regional secretary, Risto Kapenda, is disturbed by the rate of ‘deviation, defocus and disruption’ of Namibians from solutions to the country’s social issues.

The newly elected regional secretary l, who was speaking at a press conference in Swakopmund on Friday, said that instead of fighting the real issues which are poverty, unemployment and violence, among others, Namibians are at each other’s throats politically, for no particular reason.

“The mushrooming of paper tigers, the so called political parties in our country, are not a sign of democracy but rather an indication that Namibia is an unsuspecting victim of a ‘low-intensity conflict’ system of the West whose philosophy is; no permanent friends but permanent interests,” Kapenda expressed.

He added that Namibia has become a laughing stock by the entire international community due to these events.

“As a party that liberated this country out of apartheid colonialism, Swapo has the daunting task of rallying Namibians behind one single party, the Swapo Party, in the exodus of the economic emancipation,” he proffered.

Kapenda commanded particularly the party’s candidate for the Swakopmund by-elections, Salomon Nehemia, to address the issue in the Swakopmund Constituency by implementing the Swapo Party’s clarion call.

“As a constituency councillor, you [Nehemia], you are empowered by the Act to make by-laws within the region which ensure that mines contribute their fair share into the constituency, resulting in prosperity, hence no more slumps and our people will live a dignified life,” Kapenda stated.

He expressed confidence that the party’s candidate will win the race come the elections, while urging him to treat everyone equally and respectfully, regardless of their status in the community and political affiliation

Source: The Namibian Press Agency