StArt Art Gallery to launch it’s new online platform

The unique and trendy StArt Art Gallery, the latest offering in independent art galleries that opened its doors last September, is branching out into a dynamic new online platform.

The launch in July will be accompanied by a vibrant art exhibition of artists whose works will feature on the website, which will be up and running by then. The online gallery will be offering a wide variety of talented artists whose work will soon be browsed through easily, and bought upon just a few clicks. The event is open to the art loving public, and will be held at StArt @ The Wolfshack, where art consultants and gallery owners, Helen Harris and Gina Figueira, will be unveiling the much anticipated sales platform. This will also be the last exhibition on site, before the replacing the premises with their online gallery.

Figueira, daughter of the much loved late Tony Figueira, says this curated sales platform will offer easy access to anybody who would like to buy contemporary Namibian art from within Namibia, as well as internationally. From private individuals to interior designers to corporate companies, it will be as simple as a few clicks to find the perfect unique Namibian artwork for your needs, she says. StArt Art Gallery has worked closely with many artists to facilitate continued development of their artistic and professional practice. We believe that a strong online presence is essential to bringing contemporary Namibian art into the global realm, and to further developing the visual arts industry, and the launch of the online sales platform will be accompanied by 'StArt Online' an exhibition of artworks for sale on the website.

The exhibition will feature works of 12 celebrated Namibian artists, who will be featured on the online platform, offering everything from paintings, sculptures, printmaking, photography and mixed media to mention a few. The artists are: Laimi Mbangula, Petrus Amuthenu, Nicky Marais, Fillipus Sheehama, Rudolf Seibeb, Elisia Nghidishange, Lok Kandjengo, Ismael Shivute, Tony Figueira, Mateus Alfeus, Lynette Diergaardt and Barbara BAlhlke.

The gallery has to-date offered regular exhibitions of local and international artworks, art-related workshops and activities; StArt Art Gallery offers exciting experiences for art-lovers and creative people.

Namibian Helen and Gina are founders of StArt Art Gallery, which will now be moving in a different direction. The new online gallery will be replacing the physical gallery venue as of the end of July, by presenting the public an online version of the finest works soon available on

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia