Steel drums for Erongo mining

Yellow Drum Manufacturers in Arandis obtained finance for expansion from the Development Bank of Namibia. The company employs 13 people and, as demand grows, it expects to employ up to 40 people.What started as a conversation between friends has become a successful and growing business, and an asset for the mining and manufacturing supply chain in Erongo. Yellow Drum Manufacturing is a pioneer industry. It has brought an age-old technology to Namibia but the local demand for steel drums has turned it into a significant manufacturer and an anchor industry for Arandis and the Erongo Region.
Yellow Drum was born when Pine van Wyk, Hans Botha and Robert de Villiers realised there was a gap in the market. As a result of their first conversation and subsequently many more, the three decided to take the plunge, and Yellow Drum Manufacturing  was established.
When the company needed to expand, it approached the Development Bank for finance. As soon as the loan was approved the partners bought equipment to make lid rings for the drums used by uranium mines, and to acquire additional raw material.