Steenkamp calls for quality education in Otjozondjupa

School principals in the Otjozondjupa Region on Monday were urged to implement a strong leadership at their schools in order to achieve a continued quality teaching, learning and improved results in the whole region.

Executive Director (ED) in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp on Monday held a one-day meeting at Otjiwarongo with the 84 school principals in the region, including some of their School Board members.

It was at this meeting where she repeatedly called on the school principals to be the engineers of change, improved results and quality teaching and learning processes.

It is you the school principals who should make and take decisive actions, bring teachers together and empower them so that learners can also benefit from it, she said.

Steenkamp called on the school principals to see to it that teachers do not at all misuse time for teaching and learning for their own gain by either doing their own personal assignments at school or use cellphones during working hours.

It is the same school principals who should assist us to restore the teaching profession back to its glory days, she added.

The ED emphasised on the exemplary leadership by the school principals so that teachers and learners can also emulate from it and become punctual, always present at school and be prepared for each day of the school.

She also proposed to the school principals in the future to implement a culture where teachers and question papermakers would first sit to write an examination on the question papers they set before the learners sits for it in each subject.

Steenkamp said once this idea of teachers and question papermakers will start to write examinations on the question papers they set, then the quality education and its results will also improve.

Otjozondjupa has nearly 1 700 teachers and 5 000 learners annually on average, she said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency