Strong denies killing pensioner girlfriend

Windhoek resident Benjamin Strong, 55, has denied having a hand in the death of his 62-year-old girlfriend Johanna Resandt.

Strong stands accused of killing Resandt by stabbing her to death on September 17, 2017. Resandt died after being stabbed 12 times all over her body. According to the postmortem report,12 stab wounds were observed on Resandt's body, with four penetrating wounds to the left pleural cavity.

Making an appearance in court before Magistrate Johannes Shuuveni from custody last week, Strong pleaded not guilty when he took his preliminary plea. Defence attorney Milton Engelbrecht informed the court that the no guilty plea is in accordance with his instruction and it is up to the court to prove the charges against Strong.

No plea explanation accompanied Strong's preliminary plea.

Strong took a no guilty plea on a charge of murder, read with the provisions of Domestic Violence Act.

The prosecution is alleging that Strong intentionally killed Resandt, when he inflicted multiple stab wounds on her, on the date in question.

According to a witness who took the stand during Strong's formal bail hearing, he allegedly saw Strong stabbing Resandt with a knife. The witness explained that he was in the company of the couple who got into a heated argument after a night out.

He explained that after witnessing the stabbing, he tried to intervene but Strong assaulted him. According to his recollection, Strong knocked him and he lost consciousness. Witnesses described Strong as a violent partner.

Strong had denied guilt, stating that he found his girlfriend dead upon his return home in the morning. He even denied being a violent partner during his relationship with Resandt.

Having taken his preliminary plea, the State will forward his case to the Prosecutor General (PG) for decision. The court postponed the case to October 3, for the PG's decision, remanding Strong in police custody.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia