‘Struggle Kids’ Shot – Exile Is Not an Excuse – Mbumba

“Being Born in Angola Is Not an Excuse.”

This was said by Swapo party secretary general Nangolo Mbumba, in reaction to Frieda Ndatipo’s death.

Mbumba said although it was regrettable that a life was lost, he wanted the ‘struggle kids’ to understand that they are not special in comparison to other Namibian youths who are also unemployed.

He said they are not willing to take risks with people coming to the party offices to disrupt their work.

“They are saying they want to interrupt our election campaign. We don’t want people coming to our offices to disrupt our work. If they disrupt, we hand them over to the authorities to deal with them,” Mbumba said, adding that the group should obey the law just like other Namibian citizens.

He also pointed out that the Swapo headquarters were broken into not so long ago, without them being able to establish who did it.

“Why must they come to our offices to demand jobs? The Swapo headquarters do not employ people. It’s the government. They should apply and look for jobs like others, they are not special,” he said.

Mbumba said Swapo will leave the incident in the hands of the government.

Meanwhile, Swapo Party Youth League secretary Elijah Ngurare condemned the death of Ndatipo, saying she was legitimately demanding for a job.

Ngurare said what was sad was that she woke up to demand for a job, and like everyone else was hoping to return home later in the evening and not be killed in cold blood.

“I am very disappointed, extremely saddened. It’s a woman we are talking about. This is no different from domestic violence. If she was a daughter of some of these members of parliament, it would not be left there. Surely, someone should take responsibility for what has happened,” he said.

He added that although Ndatipo was a member of the SPYL like many others, he could not represent them in the past (‘struggle kids’) because he was asked by the party not to deal with them.

“I was reprimanded and accused of instigating them. Even though they are our members, we just looked from afar. Some people would call them the ‘Ngurare children’ as if I gave birth to them because I speak for them,” Ngurare said.

However, he added that from now onwards, his office is open to the ‘struggle kids.’

“Anyone who wants to kill me for helping these children, must kill me. She may have not been wealthy, well-known, or she may not have been what others wanted her to be, but she was human like any other. No one can justify her death. We cannot, we will not and it’s not right. No matter how one looks at this, it must be condemned,” Ngurare said.

He said if the government addresses unemployment across the board, they will avoid such incidences. The youth leader said he agrees with Nahas Angula, Minister of Defence, who had always supported the struggle children.

During Angula’s term as Prime Minister, government had announced that it would give ‘children of the liberation struggle’ preferential treatment to get all entry jobs into the civil service.

A while after, government made a U-turn and announced that it was going to treat all Namibians equally, whether born in or outside the country’s borders in its recruitment processes.

Yesterday, Angula said: “desperate individuals become suicidal. That might be the state of mind of these destitute young people.”

Source : The Namibian