‘Struggle kids’ unmoved by heavy rains

Ondangwa-Following heavy rains that pounded the region, causing the rainwater to soak their belonging, the 'struggle kids' camping outside the Danger Ashipala Police Training Centre in Ondangwa vowed to remain put until they get jobs.

'Struggle kids' across the country have been demanding jobs from the government on grounds their parents died during the liberation struggle that led to independence.

Recent heavy downpours have not deterred them and they continue in their quest for jobs, a situation that has seen them disrupt traffic and engage in skirmishes with the police.

In the meantime, the group survives on odd jobs for the local community, such as ploughing in exchange for money.

Speaking to New Era on Monday, the group said the community at times exploits them by paying them a pittance.

Apart from the struggle for an income, they have also compromised their hygiene as there are no ablution facilities on site and use the nearby open space to relieve themselves, posing a threat to themselves and the surrounding community.

Not too far from their tents are community toilets, however such cannot be used because they are unhygienic.

In a letter compiled by the group of 46 children, they says they feel agitated that none of their members were called to Farm Du Plessis in Omaheke Region recently.

About 30 children from those camping inside the police training centre were called for training recently.

Some of the struggle children alleged they have already undergone training, while some where employed claiming they left their jobs when government promised them jobs.

"Most of us have already attended vocational training and we are now becoming older. Until when should we wait for government to recruit us and when will government finish recruiting us," stated struggle kids in their letter.

They claim when they return to their homes government has from time to time recruited those at the camping sites.

"If we were not camping, government will say all the struggle kids have been recruited, but our being here shows that many of us are still unemployed," read their letter.

The group has given the government until this week to respond as to when they will also be recruited.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia