‘Struggle Kids’ On Violent Campaign – As Some Are Arrested for Prison Break and Destroying Pro

JUST hours after Prime Minister Hage Geingob ordered the ombudsman to investigate the fatal shooting of Frieda Ndatipo on Wednesday last week, a group of exile kids went on a property destroying spree.

The 26-year-old Ndatipo was shot dead at the Swapo offices last week during a scuffle with the police.

Police spokesperson Edwin Kanguatjivi yesterday said 20 ‘struggle kinds’ smashed vehicle windows, before breaking into the Katutura police station on Friday midnight where they tried to free one of their comrades who was arrested earlier last week.

Kanguatjivi said the youths arrived at the Katutura police station demanding the release of their friend before breaking the burglar bars and stormed the station and released their friend.

He also said five ‘struggle kids’ and the freed suspect were later arrested by the Special Field Force at their camp near Okahandja Park on Saturday morning.

One of the men who was attacked by the ‘struggle kids’, Okuryangava resident Johannes Immanuel, had his car’s windows smashed, while his neighbour had to be treated for injuries sustained during the attack. Immanuel had pieces of glass removed from his eyes.

Immanuel said the ‘struggle kids’ approached his parked car but were stopped by his neighbour’s dog when it barked at them.

“They started kicking the dog. I then shouted at them to leave the dog alone,” said Immanuel, adding that one of the group punched him in the face.

He said when he retaliated, they smashed a beer-bottle in his face. “My neighbour rushed to my aid and they attacked him as well.”

After the attack, he said, the youths smashed his car windows and took his radio and sound boxes.

Kanguatjivi confirmed that the group reportedly destroyed a number of vehicles and assaulted some individuals, although he could not reveal their identities. He said the ‘struggle kids’ have now gotten out of control and said police patience was running out.

“There is a pattern repeating itself here. These youths have resorted to violent and thug manners. We don’t know for how long we are going to tolerate their behaviour. These are the kinds of youth the public was defending a few days ago over the killing of one of their members, but now look at their behaviour,” he said.

The group’s leader, Erastus Hedimbi, rubbished police claims, saying they were not capable of breaking prison bars.

“They just arrived here early in the morning, surrounded the camp and randomly picked five of us without offering any explanation, after which they left,” said Hedimbi.

PM Geingob has handed over Ndatipo’s fatal shooting to the ombudsman for investigation. He said the ombudsman will be able to carry out the investigation in an impartial and transparent manner.

“Against this background, I call upon our citizens to render their full cooperation with the office of the ombudsman. I also call upon potential witnesses to come forward and give their evidence without fear or favour,” he said.

On Friday the Namibia Exile Kids Association (Neka) promised to ensure that government financially supports the late Ndatipo’s three orphaned children.

Neka secretary general Rauna Amutati called for justice and accused the police of achieving what they were looking for.

Amutati said Swapo had failed the ‘struggle kids’ by denying them to benefit financially from losing their parents in the liberation struggle.

She said it was shameful for Swapo to have honoured their parents as heroes but continued to ignore the pleas of the fallen heroes’ children.

Source : The Namibian