Student union wants to petition for NSFAF acting CEO’s removal

Students Union of Namibia (SUN) president Simon Amunime said, Namibia Student Financial Assistant Fund (NSFAF) acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kennedy Kandume does not have students interest at heart, he thus need to vacate the office.

Amunime told Nampa in an interview on Tuesday that, the student union is busy with a petition that has so far 6000 signatures from students that are funded by NSFAF to remove Kandume from office, because he has failed Namibian students and they are tired of engaging him because it does not yield any favorable results.

He said that they have written numerous letters and emails to Kandume but he never replayed, leaving students with no choice but force out of the office because since his appointment, NSFAF turned from bad to worse with many students being denied an opportunity to access education, because under Kandume's leadership NSFAF changed the funding policy to disadvantage students.

Amunime highlighted that funding policy for mature age students were changed to only fund students at public institutions of high learning whilst neglecting those at private institutions, adding that NSFAF has also refused to fund students who went through bringing programs like Foundation at university of Namibia and International University of Management level 5 of Namibia Qualification Authority.

Under the leadership of Mr Kandume, NSFAF failed to settle students' tuition and non-tuition fees as per contract agreements since 2017, 2018 and 2019 academic years. Mr Kandume has refused to fund postgraduate students while making them sign acknowledgement letter of debts to deduct them money said Amunime.

He added that the petition is targeting 10 000 signatures and it will be submit to president Geingob at State house next week.

When contacted for comments, Kandume said, it is the students democratic rights to sign such a petition when they are dissatisfied with someone and he will wait for it. Adding that NSFAF have asked SUN to submit names of students that have not been funded but the student union did not come forth.

If they have students interest at heart, they could have done so then we will track down those students but they didn't. So maybe is not about students anymore, but we will wait and see if the petition has any merit on it said Kandume.

Source: Namibia Press Agency