Students create awareness about prayer day

Students from various institutions in the Kavango East Region held a peaceful walk here on Friday to create awareness on a prayer day that will be held this Saturday.

These institutions are the University of Namibia, International University of Management and Namibia University of Science and Technology.

The students walked from the Rundu sports stadium to the governor’s office informing members of the community and various institutions about the prayer day.

“It is important that we give awareness and our intentions of this prayer day. We also used this platform to officially invite the governor to the prayer day and inform him about the aims and objectives,” the coordinator for the prayer day, Erwin Likoro told Nampa on Monday.

Likoro said the prayer day is important in view of the social ills happening in the country such as rape and gender-based violence.

He said the students especially those that are Christian have taken a stand to approach and fight these social ills including the novel coronavirus from a spiritual perspective.

“We want to pray for our nation so that it also gets a quick economic recovery and for the Man above to intervene on the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Likoro.

More emphasis will be placed on gender-based violence, crime, rape and road accidents in the country, he said.

Likoro said students, youth and members of society will gather and be led by spiritual leaders in prayer and be taught the word of God on the main day.

“The root cause of these atrocities being committed is the forces of darkness bringing confusion within the people which can only be rooted out by a spiritual battle. God is the only answer and has the final say,” he added.

Kavango East Region Governor, Bonny Wakudumo on Monday said he is in full support of the prayer day as the country is not really coping with addressing issues of gender-based violence.

“The prayer day by students is a step in the right direction, for God’s intervention to address these issues,” he said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency