Subscribers Peeved At Multichoice Service

BASED on the quality of service MultiChoice Namibia customers get, they may be excused in believing that the service and call centre do not exist.

The Namibian Consumer has been flooded with complaints from MultiChoice clients complaining about technical problems they experience and that calls to the call centre to rectify the problems are never answered.

Last week, The Namibian Consumer, carried a story that ‘MultiChoice decoders do not integrate with software,’ which was based on an interview with MultiChoice general manager Roger Gertze.

Subscribers have not been impressed by Gertze’s response to their complaints.

One customer, Nelly Ndafyaalako said the company should deal with the problems at the call centre instead of Gertze merely saying the centre was “managed efficiently and effectively by well-trained staff”.

“What they are saying is what is supposed to happen, and in that way they avoid dealing with what actually happened. It would be nice if they address the complaints instead of telling us what should happen. How does that help the customers? If the customers didn’t know what should happen, they wouldn’t have raised the issue. I am looking forward to the day when someone will deal with the complaint instead of trying to explain what service the customers are supposed to get,” said Ndafyaalako via email.

Another customer, who only identified himself as Derick, described the level of service as atrocious.

“I spent hours at MultiChoice on Monday (last week) to solve a problem. They might as well close their call centre as it does not serve any purpose as no one picks up the phone. The only side that works is the payment section as for the rest, the service is extremely poor. In the true sense, this is the ‘African way’,” he said.

Another customer, Samuel Neshuku, said he waited for a week to be reconnected and only to see the service disconnected three days later for no apparent reason

“I am not active yet and am receiving E16 Error. I went to MobiPay with my old account number to pay, they said we should pay with the new account numbers that we got through an SMS,” he said.

Despite the weeklong hassles, the TV channels started flashing and an E16 error came again. We are disconnected,

Another customer said through an SMS if the company cannot provide services, it should ship out.

“Make your number toll free or an emergency number because calling you takes ages. We are sick and tired.

Another customer said through a comment on the website that his DSTV service has been suspended for more than three days (system error) and has still not been restored fully.

“I have been struggling for six days now just to get assistance. The service that Gertze refers to is non-existent. Getting through on the contact number they provide is a tough mission on its own.

“I spent more then two hours at MultiChoice where I was promised that my service would be restored and that someone would call me to confirm, but this turned out to be a blatant lie. I paid a fee for a prepaid service I have not received up top now and just to give assistance is proving too much for MultiChoice.

“My aice to Gertze is that he calls 061 2705222 and he will experience first-hand that what he is talking about contradicts the reality of what is going on at the call centre. Words like ‘efficiently and effectively’ should not be used when it comes to MultiChoice Namibia,” said a disgruntled customer.

Explaining the cause of the chaos, Gertze said MultiChoice had aised all subscribers with older version decoders and smart cards to swop or replace them due to the phasing out of older technology.

He said subscribers were aised that these decoders and smart cards would not be compatible with new systems, as there would be no spare parts, equally the older technology could in future not be serviced or fixed. Some subscribers did not replace the older version decoders which are not integrating with new software, he said.

“We once again appeal to subscribers to upgrade these decoders and smart cards in order to benefit from our new aanced technological offerings,” Gertze said. He said the new system can be described as a single unified front-end for all user facing functions.

Source : The Namibian