Success begin with a positive self-talk

As learners went back to school this week, our concentration is much invested to them to overcome the examination anxiety and see themselves to the new height in their life.

As Namibian nation at large, it is our great dream to have hundred percent (100%) pass rate in Grade 10 and over 60% of learners to qualify for tertiary education come 2016. To my dear learners, this is our time to double and triple our study time, not just mere a study but a study combined with learning and deep understanding.

It is your golden opportunity to have a limitless time of study, so that you may defeat all scheme of other people says “you cannot do it at the end of the year”. Take a surety that you are everything that is; your thoughts; your life, your dream will come true if you think it in that way “I can make it”, you are everything you choose to be, start to soar up and you can go as far as the sky is limit – you are as unlimited as the endless universe.

As a learner your zeal stands out amongst self-talk, and others-talk. Through various talks, your study, your life and your ability is conditioned by people around you. Most of the success comes from what you tell yourself, be careful of what you are saying to yourself when you talk to yourself. However, you also have to scrutinise the “NOs” and “CANNOTs” that other people try to condition you with.

It is your opportunity to programme yourself with positive self-talk. Don’t let other people condition you and make you believe that you “cannot achieve anything or “NO” you cannot go further.” Don’t ever let people to programme your life with so many “NOs” and “Cannot” that will create a non-success story in your life.

I understand that some learners did not perform well in the August examinations and this is not a case. Unfortunately, the majority have already received a wrong kind of programming that they will not make it at the end of the academic year and they took it to their heart.

They already believe what they were told by their “teachers, parents, sisters, brothers, uncle, aunts and friends” that they could not make it is true. You will repeatedly hear the same words and thoughts repeatedly, hundreds and even thousands of times that you cannot make it or accomplish anything. Beloved learners it’s our wish for you to stand out positively that you will make it.

Dear learners of success, negative self-talk will expire us, let’s not entertain it, let us use this literature sayings to programme our life with great success; believe in yourself; keep your priorities straight; take responsibilities for your study; create your own future; focus on your study and what you want to be; never let anyone control your destiny; be creative; think of yourself big; control stress and unhelpful desires; think positively about your study; set specific study goals and review them often; spend some time each day improving your mind; review your exam results and readjust as necessary; be tolerant to things that’s beyond your control; recognise that most of what we believe about life is an illusion; believe that money is good and it will come with its own time; learn to sell yourself morally, socially, spiritually, and intellectually; seek the Aid of other learners who are in sympathy with your career goals and give assistance also to other learners who need your help; be organised and motivated; see problems as opportunities to you; learn everything you can about your study, don’t be afraid of success; believe in God; reach a little higher than you thought you could be; set your sights above average; take actions and never ever give up. Be blessed in your upcoming exams. All the success is yours!