Suspected land grabbers at Otjiwarongo still defying eviction orders

The 40 suspected land grabbers at Otjiwarongo are still defying the last week orders of the municipality to vacate the unserviced plots they have allegedly grabbed in the Ombili informal settlement.

A total of 40 zinc sheet made houses have been erected on the land situated northeast of Otjiwarongo, and owners have been issued with the eviction orders.

The Otjiwarongo Municipality during last week issued the eviction orders to all 40 alleged illegal households with a deadline of 08 January 2020 to remove their structures.

The municipality indicated that a property land developer have been appointed to service the area and create 4 000 new plots as from January this year to June 2020.

The developer allegedly also already started conducting mappings and design activities on the area where the alleged land grabbers have now set up their illegal structures.

The same developer is allegedly also tasked to channel clean drinking water, create street roads and street lights on the land before the municipality can allocate the plots to the applicants who appears on the municipality's database.

Some of the alleged land grabbers on Tuesday told Nampa in an interview that they will not move without being shown where to go.

The 35-year-old Tomas Nicanor said he built his shack on the plot where he now lives with his five children.

I will not move out without being shown a new plot where I can take my children, he said.

Another alleged land grabber, Helena Sondaha, 23, said she lost her job at a farm last year and has no relatives to stay with in Otjiwarongo as she is from the Kavango East Region.

She said renting for her is unfordable as she is unemployed.

Public Relations Officer of the Otjiwarongo Municipality, Adelheid Shilongo on Tuesday said the eviction orders issued to the alleged illegal land occupants still stands.

The municipality officials together with our local authority councillors on Wednesday evening we will hold a meeting with them at the site so that we can pave the way forward on this matter, she said.

The group claims to have been on this municipality land since November 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency