Suspected Rehoboth bank thieves granted bail

Windhoek-Two men arrested in September in connection with the theft of N$1.3 million from the Rehoboth branch of Bank Windhoek were released on bail on Friday by the magistrate's court in the town.

Kidas Beukes and Nathan Seboua, both aged 23, were released on bail of N$30,000 each, with stringent conditions.

Beukes and his co-accused are the only ones facing charges of theft and burglary, after six people were initially arrested for the incident.

The other four suspects were released and can not be prosecuted due to lack of evidence against them.

So far the police have only been able to recover N$525,000 from the stolen money.

According to a police report the suspects gained entry into the bank through an open toilet window.

The report further states that the suspects, upon entry, disconnected the security surveillance cameras in the bank and after gaining access to the safe keys stole N$1.3 million.

The police apprehended the accused while they were on their way to Bahnhof train station east of Rehoboth.

Magistrate Deseree Kamboua warned the accused not to interfere with ongoing police investigations.

They should furthermore hand in all travelling documents to the investigating officer and may not apply for new travelling documents while their case is ongoing, and may not leave the district of Rehoboth without the consent of the investigating officer, it was further ruled.

Kamboua postponed the matter to November 7 for further police investigations.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia