Swapo and RDP supporters at loggerheads at Olupandu

OLUPANDU: Members of the Swapo-Party and the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) are once again at loggerheads over the hoisting of party flags on trees. Members of the opposition party put three flags on two trees and one on a building at the Olupandu settlement which is situated in the Swapo-Party dominated Etayi Constituency in the Omusati Region. It is viewed as an attempt by RDP to make some inroads into the community centres situated on the Omusati-Ohangwena border. Members of the Swapo-Party at the settlement responded to the hoisting of the RDP flags with a street march on Saturday.

The Swapo-Party members held a public meeting, which was addressed by the party coordinator in Ongenga Constituency, Sakaria Haimudi after the march. Haimudi told Nampa in an interview shortly after the meeting that some Swapo-Party members wanted to confront local members of the opposition party, but were told during the meeting to refrain from politically motivated provocation. “We informed them that we must just register, as Swapo-Party members, so that we would be able to face and defeat them in the elections later this year,” he said.

Unconfirmed reports have it that a prominent local Swapo-Party member was in tears during the meeting as he claimed that the RDP flags were hoisted close to his place of business. He demanded that the flags be removed. A group of young people this news agency spoke to after the meeting said the demand for the RDP flags to be removed was met with mixed feeling by the party leaders.

“Those who wanted the flags to be removed were advised by others to approach the police or those who hoisted the flags to have it removed instead of taking the law into their own hands,” they said.
Amongst others, Omusati regional councillor for the Etayi Constituency, Bernardinus Shekutamba and Oshakati town councillor, Teddy Kamwanka were present at the Swapo-Party gathering at Olupandu on Saturday.