Swapo district coordinator stops office bearer elections at Rundu

The proceedings of the election of office bearers for the Rundu Town Council were stopped by the Office of the Swapo Party District Coordinator in the Kavango East region here on Wednesday.

The proceedings which started a few minutes after 14h00 were conducted by Principal Magistrate Helen Olaiya but was interrupted by the Swapo Party District Coordinator Gabriel Hakusembe who wanted her to read the letter before proceeding with the program.

Olaiya refused the letter saying it should have been given to her at her office.

Hakusembe was adamant that the swearing-in could not proceed because of the contents the letter is carrying.

Olaiya then decided to call the swearing-in off in order for Swapo to deal with its internal issues.

In the letter from Hakusembe addressed to the Magistrate which is in Nampa's possession reads that his office wants does not want the four councilors on the ticket of Swapo not to partake in the swearing-in ceremony until further notice.

The letter does not give any reason for the decision taken from the District Coordinators office.

The councillors are, former Mayor of Rundu Isak Kandingu, former Ordinary Council Members Ralf Ihemba, and Toini Hausiku as well as former Chairperson of the Management Committee Antonio Shinduvi.

Approached for comment on why his office decided to stop the swearing-in, Hakusembe said he could not say anything at this point as the District Executive Committee members were still busily caucusing on whether the councilors will be withdrawn entirely.

Meanwhile, a letter from the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development to all Chief Executive Officers of all Local Authorities dated 01 October 2019 reads all elections should take place as per the law.

It has come to the attention of the Ministry that some political parties are issuing directives contrary to Section 11 and Section 21 of the Local Authorities Act, 1992, it read.

The letter explains that because this is a legal requirement the elections in this regard must be held every year and the political parties directives are not based on any legal provision and can therefore not be enforced legally.

Source: Namibia Press Agency