Swapo manifesto not available for public consumption yet

The Swapo 2019 election manifesto has been recalled and appears to be under scrutiny for several amendments before it is distributed publicly.

This is according to impeccable party insiders who spoke to Nampa on the condition of anonymity on Tuesday.

This is despite the fact that the document was launched by Swapo's leader, President Hage Geingob on Saturday in the town of Outapi in the Omusati Region.

Geingob described the document as a contract between the ruling party and the people of Namibia in for the next five years.

We have been given a directive not to distribute the manifesto as it is undergoing certain changes. So, until then, we are unable to give you the document, the source who preferred not to be named said, upon inquiry.

Last week, a local daily, The Namibian reported that Swapo rushed the approval of its manifesto two days before its launch.

The report also suggested that the party's central committee (CC) � the party's highest decision-making body � was merely used to rubber-stamp the election promises.

This, according to the report was tantamount to the circumvention of Swapo's standing practice of properly briefing the CC and the politburo prior to the unveiling and adoption of the election manifesto.

When contacted, Swapo's executive director (ED) Austin Samupwa was shocked why this agency wanted to get hold of a copy of the party's election manifesto.

Why do you want the manifesto? To do what with it? he wanted to know.

The agency explained to Samupwa that since its launch, the manifesto de facto became a public document which ought to be open for scrutiny.

We did not yet reach that point of giving it to the media. Just be patient, Samupwa said.

At the launch on Saturday, Geingob said the party has maintained its political success due to the evolution of ideas, continuity of leadership and unity of purpose.

I stand before you here, filled with pride and a rejuvenated sense of purpose, as we prepare to launch our political roadmap towards a bright future; the 2019 Swapo Party Election Manifesto, said Geingob.

The politician also implored on Namibians to vote for Swapo and its presidential candidate at the upcoming National Assembly and Presidential elections, saying they possess the capacity to work ethic to deliver on the second phase of the struggle for economic emancipation.

So far, the Popular Democratic Movement, All Peoples Party and the National Democratic Party have all released their election manifestos.

The Landless Peoples Movement is to launch its manifesto in the coming days, after holding its inaugural Peoples Assembly over the weekend.

Source: Namibia Press Agency