Swapo Oshana regional office re-opened

Businessman and political activist Sigo Amunyela and his followers on Tuesday re-opened the Swapo Oshana regional head office, which they closed down at Oshakati last Friday demanding the party's regional coordinator Samuel Nelongo to resign.

Nobody has forced us to re-open this office, but we are doing the same way we closed it and for the love of our Swapo Party, stated Amunyela during the re-opening of the office.

He at the same time threatened that his group will close the office again if those entrusted with it are not changing their attitude of ignoring the call by party members to serve in the interest of Swapo and its entire membership.

The petitioners hereby declare an end to a lockdown of Swapo Party Oshana regional office, and this follows a consensus derived from a dialogue between inter-dialogue committee of the regional executive committee (REC) and the representatives of the petitioners, Amunyela told those present.

He cited that his group urges the REC to suspend Nelongo with immediate effect. If that does not happen, we are cautioning the REC that it will lead to bias/prejudice, said Amunyela, while at the same time indicated that the REC is expected to inform his group within three working days.

A member of the REC Werner Ita, who witnessed the re-opening of the office, declined to comment on the matter, saying all the questions regarding the confrontation should be answered by Amunyela.

Amunyela's group accused Nelongo of using the office to promote the independent candidate system within Swapo and thus he should resign.

Approached for comment, Nelongo explained that a three-member committee, chaired by Ita, was formed during the REC meeting on Monday to consult with those closed the office and to oversee a smooth process of re-opening the office without leaving anyone hurt or accelerating the confrontation.

Nelongo indicated that re-opening of the office by Amunyela and his group was an amicable solution aimed at avoiding the REC taking legal action.

Source: Namibia Press Agency