Swapo Party holds Epupa rally

The Swapo party of Namibia Held a rally at Epupa in Epupa constituency for the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly November Elections on Sunday.

While adressing the crowd, member of the Swapo party Central committee, Jennely Matundu said that the motive of the rally was to unveil the party candidate for the upcoming elections and to display the new manifesto. Matundu said the Swapo members should only vote for Dr. Hage Geingob who was endorsed at the Swapo Party Elders Council congress in November last year as their sole candidate for the presidential position chosen by the Swapo party members.

Matundu slammed the Independent candidate Dr. Panduleni Itula for campaigning under the party name, She said that the members party should not be shaken nor be misled by his idle intimidation. Independent candidate should refrain from using party colours when campaigning and should stop using Swapo name during his campaigns, Swapo party has only one candidate and that is Geingob'. 'Whoever deems of him or herself as refuting party policies should resign, uttered Matundu.

Jennely further cautioned voters to be vigilant at voting points, stating that they should familiarise themselves with party candidates to vote. She tackled some promises that the party wish to Fulfill if given more 5 years, Epupa constituency is administered by Swapo but should you vote for us, the party will try by all means to develop and transform this constituency for better. She condemned the Popular Democratic Movement that govern the constituency, saying that the party has done little to develop the lives of people and that it delays development in the constituency, is time for new leaders with visions to take over the constituency and steer it in the right brighter future and those are Swapo leaders.

During the rally at Epupa village the party was joined by 8 new members and one from PDM.

Jennely Matundu who recently resigned from her job at the ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare to retain her position on party's list and vie for a position in the national assembly said urged those without voters' cards to register and make the right choices comes elections day on 27 November.

Source: Namibia Press Agency