Swapo Party Youth League denies instigating land grab in Windhoek

Swapo Party Youth League Secretary General Ephraim Nekongo has rubbished claims that SPYL instigated the recent land grabbing in Windhoek’s Otjomuise residential area.

On Sunday, about 400 people started demarcating land before the police intervened.

The Affirmative Repositioning (AR) Movement has since accused SPYL of organising the land grab in order to “sabotage” the City of Windhoek leadership under Job Amupanda, who is from AR.

“We have always spoken about the antagonistic forces who are trying to sabotage the leadership of the new mayor with his team, and we are told that some are from Swapo. They are coordinators and community leaders,” said AR spokesperson Simon Amunime.

When contact for comment, Nekongo however rubbished the claims, saying the AR-led council should “deal with the anarchy they conceived and nurtured over the years and not try to find a political ghost to place the blame on.”

“They are the parents of lawlessness in this country, they are the guardian of anarchy in our country, they shielded those who they organised land grabs in order to set the people against Swapo party,” said Nekongo.

He added that Swapo “will not participate in childish politics and the Swapo party is not into the narrative of promoting lawlessness.”

SPYL education secretary Hofni Iipinge, who has also been is accused of organising the land grabbing, told Nampa in an interview AR “should not cry when negative things are done to them, because they have been also doing it to the Swapo leaders.”

Source: Namibia Press Agency