Swapo shakes off corruption, arrogance tags

Swapo is not arrogant or corrupt as its opponents want to portray it.

Hilma Nicanor, the party’s spokesperson, asserted this at a press conference held late Monday afternoon in the capital meant to inform the nation on how Swapo intends to forge ahead beyond the 2020 regional council and local authority elections.

In the just-ended contests, Swapo’s popularity among the electorate waned to levels never seen before.

But for Nicanor, Swapo remains a force to be reckoned with on the political scene.

In the public space – both in mainstream and social media – Swapo is associated with corruption and arrogance, while its leaders appear to be out of touch with the reality that confronts many ordinary Namibians.

At the heart of the corruption allegations against Swapo is the Fishrot scandal, whose alleged kingpins are two former Swapo Cabinet ministers and central committee members Bernhardt Esau and Sacky Shanghala.

The scandal is said to have robbed the local economy of at least N.dollars 3 billion.

Nicanor however rebutted these assertions, saying; “For me, Swapo is not a corrupt party. Swapo Party has nothing to do with Fishrot. Now being added is the question of the arrogance of the party leaders,” she said.

As a former liberation movement with an impeccable track record, she said, Swapo is a target for many of its adversaries.

“Swapo has never condoned and will never condone corruption. If there are [corrupt] individuals within the party, it is just like in any other given political party,” she said.

More so, it cannot be true that the party is out of touch with the masses.

This is evidenced by the fact that Swapo campaign rallies in the run-up to the elections were well attended, she said.

“That is to say the members of the party, sympathisers and supporters continue to have confidence in the party and continue to love their leaders. What is being tried here is to create disunity, to create a situation where people should not have confidence in the leadership of the party,” she dismissed.

Furthermore, Swapo leaders are not treated like demigods, she continued.

“Our leaders are not being worshiped. They are leaders because people have elected them and because people have confidence in them to lead the party,” she boasted.

According to Nicanor, Swapo is the most organised political formation in Namibia.

Furthermore, Swapo will continue to deliver services in the local authorities and regional councils that it continues to lead.

“The party is ready to move on. The party is ready to serve the people of this country. Now those who have won some of those councils, it’s up to them. They thought when it was Swapo [in charge], Swapo was not doing well. Now it is [time for] us to see how they are going to drive that vehicle,” she said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency