Swapo takes party colours to Ombili

The ruling Swapo Party on Saturday held the 'Swapo Party Colour Day', an event aimed at celebrating the party's colours and to show appreciation to its supporters, sympathisers and peace-loving Namibians.

The event, which was headlined by a plethora of motorbikes from the Eengoshi Bikers Club and Volkswagen GTIs took place at an open space in the Ombili Informal settlement were individuals thronged in party colours celebrating.

Addressing the media Swapo spokesperson Hilma Nicanor had hope that the event would be a success.

The day was also meant to build momentum for the former liberation movement ahead of 27 November, when Namibia will hold its Presidential and National Assembly elections.

Asked what the meaning of expensive cars or motorbikes was or if they belonged to party members who reside in the informal area, she replied: I don't see it as expensive cars. I see it as a strategy of Swapo that we can rope in whoever we want [at our events and] for us to create that necessary spirit.

In terms of policy and what Swapo members should expect from the governing party, Nicanor said: The message is that Swapo is a party created and established in the principle of the heroic struggle that we fought. This struggle was about our country and it was about our people.

She went on: Swapo Party is the only party that has an agenda to develop this country and this is what we are saying when we are going to call for people to vote for Swapo. Swapo is the party that has the agenda to bring socio-economic development and we have been doing that over the past 29 years.

When asked why the party saw Ombili, an area where the majority of people live in deplorable conditions as the ideal venue for the event, Nicanor retorted that Namibians have the right to settle wherever they wish as espoused in the Namibian Constitution.

She also indicated that similar events in the run-up to the November elections will be held at different locations, adding that there was nothing unique about Ombili.

Nicanor also told the journalists that Swapo's election manifesto the contract between Swapo and the people of Namibia will be launched on 6 October 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency