Swapo the only driver to navigate rocky road ahead: Alweendo

The Swapo Party has the experience to continue building on what they have achieved over the past 30 years, Swapo leader assigned to the ||Kharas Region, Tom Alweendo has said.

Alweendo who was speaking at the official launch of the party’s campaign for the region here on Saturday said Swapo has the expertise and the will to deliver that what it says it will deliver.

“We have proven that we can be trusted to deliver on our promises. That is why we are asking the Namibian people to continue to trust the Swapo Party with the governance of our country, we ask you go and vote for Swapo candidates for the regional councils and local authority councils that are responsible for the bread and butter issues and it is only Swapo that is in a better position to deliver,” he said.

Alweendo said the world is becoming more complex as economic development has become more complex given the increasing nature of globalization, adding that the world is witnessing the global economic development being driven solely by geopolitics and Namibia is yet to fully understand the long-term effect of the global economic fallout as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said that given the complex nature of all these issues and in order for Namibia to continue to progress as a country, it needs someone with steady hands to be at the steering wheel of the country.

“At times like these you do not ask to be driven by an inexperienced driver, not when you know that the road ahead is bumpy, instead you will demand to be driven by an experienced driver with the ability to scan the road. Right now, the only driver with that experience is the Swapo Party,” he stressed.

Alweendo went on to say over the past five years Government under the Swapo governance has invested over N.dollars 6.5 billion in the ||Kharas Region for development projects, such as Neckartal Dam, the Rosh Pinah-Oranjemund road, water and sanitation projects, the ||Kharas Regional Office Park, and UNAM Southern Campus among others.

“These are great achievements, but when you hear some people saying that Swapo did not do anything over the last 30 years, one cannot but conclude that those saying we have not achieved anything are simply envious of our achievements. Clearly, they live in a different country and not in the Namibia we know,” said Alweendo.

However, he was quick to point out that Swapo is aware that more needs to be done in order to improve public service delivery, that there is a need to continue to build the relevant skills that are needed for the 21st-century economy, that the economy needs to grow at a faster rate in order to provide the needed jobs for the youth and that more needs to be done to fight the spike in sexual and gender-based violence.

“We have heard you, we know that development is not an event, it is not something that happens once only, development is a process, it is a continuous process and that is why even countries that are more than 200 years old still today continue to develop,” he cited.

Source: Namibia Press Agency