Swapo threatens to exclude Khomas from the ‘pot’

The Swapo Party has threatened to exclude representatives from the Khomas Region to the party's electoral college if they fail to cede to demand to nullify their list of delegates.

In the widely circulated circular on Friday, Swapo secretary-general, Sophia Shaningwa directed the Khomas Region to reconvene their conferences to draw up new lists of delegates.

In a follow-up directive on Tuesday to Swapo's coordinator in the Khomas Region, Elliot Mbako, Shaningwa's deputy Marco Hausiku threatened to exclude the region's representatives, if they fail to bow to Shaningwa's earlier circular.

It came to my attention as per your letter dated 2 September 2019, that Swapo Party Khomas Regional Executive Committee decided to DEFY both circulars of 16 August 2019 and 30 August 2019, Hausiku said.

He continued: Should the Swapo Party Khamos Regional Leadership decide to continue [to] defy the decisions above, it stands to be excluded from participating in the electoral college slated for 6 � 8 September 2019. I, therefore, implore to strictly adhere to the two directives above.

Although Mbako could not be reached on his mobile phone, he stated in his response to the initial directives by Shaningwa that that Swapo's chief administrator is not empowered to give such orders.

The Regional Executive Committee took note of your letter, as we were irresolute as to what the correct way forward, [a] collective decision had resolved to proceed regardless as per the directive, Mbako wrote on Monday.

He went on to seemingly school Shaningwa on the party's governing rules and procedures.

Comrade Secretary-General, your conclusion is premised on the reading of the Swapo Party Rules and Procedures in isolation from the constitution. Therefore such [a] conclusion is impaired. A reminder [is] that the Rules and Procedures do not prescribe how a regional conference should be held rather just a mention thereof. Such powers are constitutionally conferred, Mbako said.

He added the party's supreme law dictates a Regional Executive Committee (REC) is responsible for the overall activities in the region, and not Shaningwa.

It [REC] will stick to its earlier decision of the extraordinary regional conference that was held on Tuesday, 20 August 2019 in line with the Swapo Party Constitution, Mbako concluded.

The initial list of delegates from Khomas � which Shaningwa now wants to be nullified � is composed of City of Windhoek councilors Ian Subasubani and Paulus Immanuel, businesswoman Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun, SackyUunona, Queen Kamati and SaaraKandapo.

More than 200 Swapo members will converge in Windhoek on the weekend to elect the 96 individuals to members who will qualify for National Assembly seats, ahead of November's national elections.

Source: Namibia Press Agency