Swapo warns Geingob ‘de-campaigners’

Windhoek-Authors of SMS and Whatsapp messages against President Hage Geingob, his wife Monica Geingos, several ministers and individuals have been warned their time is running out and they will soon be exposed.

They will be named and shamed, warned Swapo Party Khomas regional coordinator Elliot Mbako during a press conference in Windhoek on Friday.

Of late social media has been abuzz with messages authored by unidentified people who insult the president, ministers and several individuals.

Mbako said he has observed in recent times how some people, mostly the educated and the well-to-do, even in Khomas Region, but predominantly in other structures of Swapo Party, through their degrees, their money and their flagrant disrespect towards leadership and authority, are trying their level best to destabilize and destroy Swapo from within.

Be warned, the clock is ticking, it is just a matter of time and we will expose you all, naming and shaming you, said Mbako, who was recently re-elected to the position of Swapo Party Khomas regional coordinator.

Mbako said the authors of these messages insult, disrupt and seek attention.

Everyone knows of the 'breaking news' SMS/Whatsapp messages which have been targeting the president, the first lady, ministers of the government and some other individuals who likely differ with their sentiments, their rude approach and their lack of principles. Shame on them, said Mbako, who at the same time pledged his endorsement and unconditional support and backing of Geingob as the president of Swapo and Namibia.

He added that their silence is not inability to write or to speak. Our silence is not stupidity. Yet be assured of one thing, come Swapo Party Congress 2017, Dr Hage Geingob will be uncontested, for we rally behind you in full force. We must maintain stability and consistency as well as contribute towards national-building.

He urged all Khomas regional delegates not only to support and vote for the president, but also support any candidate put forward by Geingob, for he must work with comrades he trusts and who are a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia