Teachers exercise: The teacher’s personality

The standard of our education confesses that there is enough room for improvement.

A wise doctor would read through the symptom and begin to work on the root of the problem. What lies at the root of the current educational predicament? Students don't know how to learn and teachers have forgotten the art of reaching a student's heart. The Student And The Teacher � this is the root of our unfortunate situation.

We shall now spend a few articles on the personality of a teacher. What is the right personality for a teacher? On average I speak in front of 600 students and they all reveal to me a few characteristics of a brilliant teacher: a teacher must see learners/students as equal citizens of this Earth. Respect the learner/student. A teacher should be open and approachable. A teacher must be able to get my attention through the subject and I want to be able to look forward to the next lesson.

Is that possible? Can a teacher learn how to shape his/her lessons in such away that learners/students can't wait to experience the next lesson? It can be learned. These articles will guide you step by step. Do the exercises and in time, you shall notice a difference in your lessons.


Say these words before entering a new class: My Personality Determines The Level Of My Student's Engagement With This Subject. Do this every day before every new class. If done right, you shall notice a slight atmospheric change in your lessons.

I give a more detailed explanation during my teacher's lectures and those who want to know more can reach me at my contacts below.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia