Teachers’ recruitment in Kavango regions has become a business: APP

The All People’s Party (APP) is alleging that the recruitment of teachers in the two Kavango regions has become a business as unemployed graduates allegedly pay bribes to some circuit inspectors and principals to secure positions.

APP secretary-general Vincent Kanyetu on Wednesday said his party is informed that some inspectors and principals are receiving bribes for teaching positions.

“People are allegedly paying two cattle per post or money ranging from N.dollars 16 000 to N.dollars 35 000. And our sisters are allegedly offering themselves for sex before they are employed,” he claimed.

Unemployed female graduates’ contracts, he further claimed, are terminated if they do not continue the relationship with a certain inspector.

Kanyetu said the party he will write to the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the issue as the matter involves corruption.

He further said his party is planning to engage the directorate of education in the regions as well as the identified inspectors and principals allegedly receiving bribes.

Contacted for comment, director of education in Kavango West Region Theopolina Hamutumua said she is not aware of the issue.

“Those with information supported by evidence can come forward. We will investigate,” she said.

Kavango East Education Director Fanuel Kapapero could not be reached for comment as he was in a meeting in Windhoek.

Source: Namibia Press Agency