Team Namibia Supports Customer Service Movement (

Team Namibia has signed a memorandum of understanding with Customer Service Management Africa (CSMA), which will host the 2nd Customer Service Management Africa Awards and Conference in Windhoek on September 14 and 15, at the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM).

“Team Namibia’s mission is to facilitate the increased consumption of Namibian products and services locally and abroad by inspiring competitive standards, stimulating consumer confidence and impacting economic sustainability. Customer service is an integral part of this process because consumers tend to differentiate between good and excellent service when purchasing a product or service,” said Team Namibia CEO Roberta da Costa.

“If Namibian companies want to attract and retain loyal customers, we need to provide high-quality customer service. Team Namibia has been partners with CSMA since its inaugural year and we continue to support the improvement of customer service in Namibia as stipulated by this memorandum of understanding.”

Marelise Serfontein, principal member of CSMA said: “The customer service movement is building momentum and we are delighted to partner with entities such as Team Namibia. Improving customer service is a responsibility of every citizen, therefore we are grateful to Team Namibia and our other partners NIPAM and NCCI.”

The MoU stipulates the responsibilities of both parties, including Team Namibia motivating its members to join of Customer Service Association of Namibia. In return CSMA will promote Team Namibia values and will grant discounts for Team Namibia members for CSMA events such as the Conference and Masterclass.

The 2nd Customer Service Management Africa Awards and Conference was launched in April under the theme ‘Expecting Better: Delivering More’. The theme embraces a Pan-Africanist perspective as a number of speakers and experts from various African countries are expected to contribute to the pool of research, with a view to create an Africa-wide movement.

Social entrepreneurs and innovators Julius James Shirima and Dr Moses Kizza Musaazi will be guest speakers. Shirima is the founder of Darecha, a Tanzanian micro-venture capital firm that seeks to explore ways through which profitable small businesses owned by youth can raise venture capital.

Musaazi is the founder of Technology for Tomorrow Ltd (T4T), a company that specializes in what they call “appropriate technology”. His inventions and innovations are in the areas of sanitary towels, waste disposal, food and pasteurization.

Similar to last year, Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business commissioned a national customer service in the following sectors: supermarkets, banks, health services, municipal services, energy, telecommunications, home affairs, inland revenue, insurance, post office, education services, vehicle retail, fast food outlets, restaurant chains and leisure resorts,to determine customer experiences in daily transactions in these areas.