Teko trio acquitted on all charges

The three people arrested in connection with the 2009 fraud scandal in which the Ministry of Finance allegedly bought security scanning equipment from a Chinese company, Nuctech, have been set free.

Namibians Teckla Lameck and Jerobeam Mokaxwa and Chinese national Yang Fan were set free this morning by presiding High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg after their privately-instructed defence lawyer Sisa Namandje brought a successful application for discharge before court at the end of the trial on 11 September 2019.

They were acquitted and discharged on all 18 main counts of fraud, an alternative count of theft, three charges of contravening the Immigration Control Act 7 of 1993, two charges under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act 29 of 2004 and a charge under the Anti-Corruption Act 8 of 2003.

They were also acquitted on a count of theft by false pretences under the provisions of the Motor Vehicle Theft Act 12 of 1999, on which they were initially accused of having conspired to commit these criminal acts.

This comes after the prosecution team, led by State Advocate Dominic Lisulo, could not prove the veracity of these charges beyond reasonable doubt.

Source: Namibia Press Agency