The adverse effects of self-pollution

Windhoek-Research has shown without an iota of doubt that human intelligence has limitless potential, similar to any form of energy, such as steam, sunlight, water and all that Jazz.

Hence, it can be utilised in any direction that its owner may choose, while it can also be used to attain the highest and noblest heights of human endeavour. And of course, its owner could also reach rock bottom in terms of achievements and yet continue digging.

This is why the human animal is the only creature on Mother Earth so intelligent that it can actually learn to be stupid. A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.

It goes beyond any comprehension as to how athletic authorities could appoint somebody to lead a representative team on foreign soil and expect that person to foot his own bills for traveling expenses.

Yours truly was shocked to the core upon hearing that Bertholdt Karumendu, the Namibian Chef de Mission to the IAAF Athletic Championships underway in London, United Kingdom, was obliged to cough up for his return air ticket while on national duty.

That's the most bizarre decision from sports administrators I've ever come across in my entire career as a pen pusher. This absurd decision boils down to immeasurable incompetence, twinned with a grave lack of foresight, and of course, a disregard for logic, let alone proper planning.

If these are the type of blokes who have been chosen to administer one of our mainstream sporting disciplines, then yours truly is afraid what was once the pride of the Namibian nation (athletics) is destined to become a delicacy for stray dogs, so to speak.

Failing to apply one's mind with the outmost care, one is unlikely to find and understand the type of information to look for.

Seriously, within this modern global village it is odd to have blokes at the helm of august sporting bodies, who it seems could hardly organise a piss-up, even if they were handed the keys to the breweries.

Robbie lived in penury, but was accorded hero's burial

Well, yours truly is obliged by ethics and morality to give my former team, African Stars, a pat on the back for giving its ever-present mascot, late Robbie Savage, the most dignified send-off by erecting a tombstone for their diehard supporter.

Nonetheless, while the gesture is highly appreciated and applauded, such practice could set a precedent and might come back to haunt them if one is to maintain consistency.

Needless to note, the Katutura glamour football club 'Stalile', has lost a significant chunk of former squad members and supporters who contributed immensely to the ultimate success of the club.

People, such as the tall Jerry Tjikepurusa, a loyal Reds follower, Merino Kandonga, Petrus Mazenge, Chope Kauazunda, Tjatjitua Katjiteo, Usiel Tjijenda, Floyd Maharero, Skade Kandjiriomuini, Kapuindu Hei, Epson Kapuire, Kaumbani Tjongarero, Hohova Ndisiro, Kaika Kuzee, Njangatare Kajau, Ben Kauejao, Kaputji Kuhanga, Justus Handura (founder member) George Hoveka, Patrick Basson, Timo Goagoseb, Nguamana Tuamunika (diehard supporter), and many others have all gone west.

It's my sincere appeal to all sport clubs to establish a funeral scheme (fund) for former players, should the need arise. In music circles, we have established a burial fund for former musicians in an effort to assist family members with the heavy costs of providing their loved ones a dignified burial.

I rest my case.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia